Chao Fan 樊超

  Ph.D candidate in CS

  SUSTech, Shenzhen, China

  12131100 at mail dot sustech dot edu dot cn

I major in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and have published several papers about Gait Recognition on top venues like CVPR, ECCV, and T-PAMI (8 in total).

My past research scope involves Gait Recognition + Self-Supervised Learning, Large Vision Models, and Generative Models .

And now, I'm seeking Internship or Visiting opportunities to end my Ph.D. career, as well as start my next life stage.

The potential research I look forward to might be around Human-Centered Vision Tasks close to Representation Learning and Conditional Generative Models.

Also, I'm open to discussing other potential directions. Please feel free to get in touch with me!

Selected Works (* Equal Contribution)

Full List (Google Scholar)


Learning Gait Representation from Massive Unlabelled Walking Videos: A Benchmark
Chao Fan, Saihui Hou, Jilong Wang, Yongzhen Huang, and Shiqi Yu
TPAMI2023, Gait Recognition + Contrastive Learning
Paper   code


OpenGait: Revisiting Gait Recognition Toward Better Practicality
Chao Fan, Junhao Liang, Chuanfu Shen, Saihui Hou, Yongzhen Huang, and Shiqi Yu
CVPR 2023, Highlight, a Comprehensive Benchmark Study for Gait Recognition
Paper   code


BigGait: Learning Gait Representation You Want by Large Vision Models
Dingqiang Ye*, Chao Fan*, Jingzhe Ma, Xiaoming Liu, and Shiqi Yu
CVPR 2024, Gait Recognition + Large Vision Models
Paper   code


GaitEditer: Attribute Editing for Gait Representation Learning
Jingzhe Ma*, Dingqiang Ye*, Chao Fan*, and Shiqi Yu
Arxiv 2023 (Submitted to T-PAMI), Gait Recognition + GAN Inversion
Paper   code



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